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Bestacoustics Reinhardt GmbH is an international distributor for musical instruments and accessories. The name says it all: "bestacoustics" stands for high quality at fair prices. With over 30 years of experience, we know the industry like the back of our hand. Besides the exclusive distribution of Soundbellows, Boomwhackers and MiSi, we concentrate mainly on guitars and ukuleles from the brands Baton Rouge Guitars, La Mancha Guitars, Randon Guitars and Kai Ukulele. With our own brands Tonträger and Noir bags, we also offer you suitable casings for your string instrument. Our sales brands range from simple beginner models to high class instruments. Reinhardt GmbH offers you the right instrument for your customer. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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Rock your life!

The brand Baton Rouge Guitars stands for unusual and exceptional guitars and ukes at a fair price. Baton Rouge guitars is for musicians who are looking for an ambitious instrument with a good sound and a modern design. Thanks to our broad range of products, everyone can find his or her perfect instrument – beginners or artists, discreet or crazy. Baton Rouge Guitars is a trademark of Reinhardt GmbH.

Play it, love it!

La Mancha Guitars is an award-winning nylon string guitar brand owned by Reinhardt GmbH. 2017/2018 the instruments of the La Mancha series Rubi have been recommended for the fourth time by EGTA, the European Guitar Teachers Association. The classical guitars are primarily designed for a lower to medium price segment and are therefore the right choice for guitar beginners and students. La Mancha builds high-quality instruments at a fair price.

Music for the fun of it

... is the seriously meant claim of this brand. Boomwhackers are certainly the most crazy product in distribution by Reinhardt GmbH. A set of Boomwhackes consists of eight plastic tubes in different lengths, resulting in a C major scale. By tipping the tubes in the hollow hand or on an object, the corresponding sound is produced. Boomwhackers are suitable for melody, harmony and rhythm games and are therefore often used in schools, kindergartens and therapeutic facilities.

Fun for all ages

Soundbellows® fill a gap in pedagogical tools used for so-called "classroom music". The handy instruments ideally complement Orff's instruments or Boomwhackers®, which today are indispensable in modern music education. 

The perfect fit!

The gigbags of Tonträger impress with their modern design and the high-quality workmanship. All bags are made of sturdy polyester and can be worn comfortably in the hand or easily clasped on the back. Also ideal for transport by bike or scooter. Well-padded by high density foam, your instrument is safely stowed away for transport. Reflectors ensure even more security in the dark. Tonträger is a trademark of Reinhardt GmbH.

Convincing classic outfit!

With Jose De Felipe we present a well-known nylon guitar brand in reissue. The classic outfit convinces above all by the proven quality for the entry-level and mid price segment.

Battery-Free Technology for Acoustic Amplification!

MiSi builds fully active preamp/pickup systems that do not need batteries! Due to the special capacitor technology, no battery is needed. This means you will not have to deal with long charging times or the memory effect.

Genuine! Natural! Delightful!

The guitars made in China are particularly attractive in the entry-level segment, since they offer solidly built instruments at a fair price. Moreover, in some models Randon uses unusual woods such as mango. This makes Randon instruments quite noticeable.

The sound of the ocean

Kai Ukulele is a brand of the company Kristal Music and is therefore the little sister of our very successful sales brand Randon Guitars. Kai Ukulele offers a bride range of Ukuleles using special wood types as mango or pacific walnut. Kai Ukuleles are built with a second soundhole on the upper frame. Never before has one perceived the sound of the ukulele so directly.